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Food Service

Breakfast $1.50
Grades K-5 Lunch $2.75
Grades 6-12 Lunch $3.00
Reduced Breakfast $0.30
Reduced Lunch $0.40
Extra Milk $0.50





Our cafeteria operates through a point of sale system in which students enter an individualized pin number as they go through the lunch line.  This eliminates the need for cash transactions although students can add money to their cafeteria account on a daily basis if they choose (not recommended).  Those students needing to add funds to their cafeteria account must do so in the morning before school starts or during a morning study hall.  

Preferred payment is by check, but cash is certainly accepted. 
Always indicate your student's name and pin number on any checks to be deposited.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus
View interactive cafeteria menus that provide menu information for every Indian Valley school building.

PaySchools Central
Site where you can check cafeteria balances, purchase history, restrict food items and/or add payment online.

Free & Reduced Meal Application